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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
Maybe with mini tennis we'll see 80% of pro's with single handers in 10-15 years time?

Keep it going...

One of my kids was raised on the orange ball. With yellow and green balls, he would do mostly 2handers. Good looking.
WIth orange balls, he's loving the one. He prefers it from a feel and freedom perspective.

He tries the 1hander with the yellow ball with good results on anything but a high ball. So he slices....or moves back a lot...or moves in to take it early. This is a process, obviously. Then he remembers his two hander is more effective at this age (10u), especially when taking a ball early (before it gets too high).

I think he's set no matter which one he uses...when he prepares well and moves well to the ball.
He saw a clip of Borg with me, during the Mac/Borg doc. He wanted to go out and try that release against the garage.

I don't want to confuse him, though. The 1hbh, the 2hander, the 2hander with the Borg/Youzhny release. This grip, that grip. The continental slice. I'm wondering if this mix is healthy or not. I think it is probably bad for success NOW. But good overall, for volleys, variety, etc.

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