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Originally Posted by basil J View Post
This is an interesting topic. I played hockey my whole life and took up tennis in my late 30's. I shot lefty on the ice so as a right handed player I naturally went out there with a 2 HBH. After a year of lessons with a coach that played a 2 HBH, my backhand was mediorce at best. I switched pros and on the first day of practice, the pro noticed that I retunred serves with one hand , exclusively. He picked up on my natural inclination & it was a 1 HBH and within a month I was hitting it naturally, and now 12 years later it is my best groundstroke by far. I had a coach that was perceptive and found something that worked for me more naturally. I can't even hit a 2HBH now. It feels stiff & limiting. My point is that pro's should monitor their pupils and teach them what is the most natural for them.
Yes, this is the point that pros must consider: there are many examples of players like you that will in fact do much better with one hand. A pro must look at each individual and help identify these trends.

However, there are many situations too that a player will feel more comfortable with a one or two-handed backhand, but not be producing the stroke in a way that will allow them to advance. Do we let them continue to use what ever stroke "FEELS" more comfortable? Or, do we help them develop a more effective stroke over time, make IT feel more comfortable, and essentially allow them to be a better player?

In your case, I would go with the one handed backhand since you already worked with two hands and found the one-hander was indeed more effective for you.
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