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Believe me, i know its almost an impossibility to win an atp point. i dont see it as something that has a high percentage of happening. to me, its more like a pipe dream. something to work toward. obviously i have goals and objectives that i want to accomplish that are more achievable than winning an atp point. but after each objective there is always another, so yes i set the bar high. i did this in order to keep myself trying to improve my game to the next level. and if (big if) i ever do win a futures match i will set the bar even higher.
i told my girlfriend that my main goal was to try and win enough money playing tennis just to cover the expenses( strings, entry fees, racquets, shoes, grips, etc.) and this alone will be difficult. i have started and income statement for just tennis expenditures. but without dreams and goals you cant achieve anything of importance.
i knew when i started this post i would have a lot of people telling me its impossible. if i saw a thready like this i would probably tell the guy hes crazy too. either way my tennis is going to improve by leaps and bounds, i will have a fun time doing it, i will get into great shape, and maybe even win a little cash to cover my tennis expense. and for the people reading this thread, they might enjoy watching my progress as i crash and burn or watch me become so awsomely great at tennis and see my last update after the US open i just won. either way i think it will be fun to track my tournament experiences.
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