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Originally Posted by Devilito View Post
jdubbs is right, it's impossible. A 50/50 record in 5.0 events will be difficult. Open events you might be looking at 1 win for every 5 losses, at a higher level cash Open it's more like 1 win for every 10-20 losses and at the Futures level it would be %100 losses. Even if you win 1 match due to injury you need to squeeze out 3-4 wins in a row to even have a sniff at 1 point. Can a mid 20s 4.5 improve? Of course. You can bust your *** and eventually have fun playing some good quality Open level events. But the jump from a standard Open to Futures is huge. If you’re a 4.5 rated 14 year old you might have a shot.
I disagree. It depends on how much time you are willing to put into training/conditioning. The guy is a strong 4.5 (maybe close to 5.0) at 26 years old. If he can spend 3-4 hours per day training (difficult given the usual life constraints, but certainly possible) he could be a strong 5.5 within 1-2 years. At that level an ATP point is not out of the question.

Again, I agree that it is unlikely, but not impossible.
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