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Originally Posted by President View Post
Just wanted to add that the 1-handed backhand enjoys a disproportionate level of success at the top of the game compared to the 2 hander. The percentage of players in the top 20 with single handers is 25%, which I am sure is much higher than the overall percentage of total tennis pros that use that stroke. This would indicate that the single hander is relatively more successful at the top of the game, no?
Not necessarily.

First off how you cut the data makes a big difference. In the top 10 there's only 1 1hbh (10%). What's the percentage in the top 30 or 50? (25% is the same number I get for the top 20 as of this week).

And then more importantly, is the 1hbh making these players more successful, does it not matter, or is it dragging them down and they would they be more successful with a two hander? The percentages alone don't really tell you that.

The one hander is a great shot. I don't think anyone is saying it shouldn't be taught. There is a good discussion on whether it should be taught first or not. Is it superior overall? I think that's really hard to know.
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