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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^ I Never start with extreme grips, grips will usually (naturally) slide around as required.

I always start forehands off on bevel 3 or 3/4, knowing it will slip around towards 4 as the player develops and moves through orange, green and finally to yellow ball.
I'm interested to see if the same happens with a single hander.


Do you normally tell them that it's okay if they slip into a different variation?

I ask this because one of my big regrets is being anal about sticking to the exact grip that I was "supposed" to use (Eastern). At some point, I had accidentally "discovered" the SW grip and played my best tennis with it-- only to force myself to move back to the "correct" grip, which I presumed would pay big dividends in the future for me (it didn't really and, many years later, I eventually consciously switched to SW with great results). I really wish someone had told me earlier about other grips and how they may be good alternatives.
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