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Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
How about accusing somebody of being a liar?
Hi, Dennis. I am capable of enjoying his posts without approving of every sentiment expressed in them or the way it is expressed. Obviously, calling someone a liar is, at face value, detrimental to the overall effect of the debate; however, I am not familiar with the history of Drakulie/CoachingMastery. Perhaps Drakulie has reason to distrust Mr. Smith's word... I don't know enough to make a judgement of either favor.

Straight out calling someone a liar may be blunt, but at times it is perfectly appropriate if the individual will not concede a truth and instead presents something else in its place. Again, though, I am new here, and I have no knowledge of whether it would be right for Drakulie to claim that Mr. Smith is lying. I do not know either of them.

Objectively speaking, Mr. Smith did give me the impression of trying to impress the reader with his teaching credentials and experience--which I do find very impressive, regardless of whether he is correct about this small disagreement of teaching the B-- but I do not think it strictly necessary for him to list it quite so often. He has also responded to posts by Drakulie rather sarcastically and derogatively* (in my humble opinion).

*when he insinuated that all Drakulie did was hound through the forums all day. i.e. not have a life. This is my impression, that's all.

I don't want to trod on anyone's toes, since I AM new here. I respect Mr. (Coach?) Smith's experience and credentials and find them impressive indeed, but it doesn't make him right on everything. If he presents a case without proper evidence for it, it is vulnerable to criticism in just the same way as if I had done it. Respect to both of them.

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