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Originally Posted by Patrick Smith View Post
Hi, Dennis. I am capable of enjoying his posts without approving of every sentiment expressed in them or the way it is expressed. Obviously, calling someone a liar is, at face value, detrimental to the overall effect of the debate; however, I am not familiar with the history of Drakulie/CoachingMastery. Perhaps Drakulie has reason to distrust Mr. Smith's word... I don't know enough to make a judgement of either favor.

Straight out calling someone a liar may be blunt, but at times it is perfectly appropriate if the individual will not concede a truth and instead presents something else in its place. Again, though, I am new here, and I have no knowledge of whether it would be right for Drakulie to claim that Mr. Smith is lying. I do not know either of them.

Objectively speaking, Mr. Smith did give me the impression of trying to impress the reader with his teaching credentials and experience--which I do find very impressive, regardless of whether he is correct about this small disagreement of teaching the B-- but I do not think it strictly necessary for him to list it quite so often. He has also responded to posts by Drakulie rather sarcastically and derogatively* (in my humble opinion).

*when he insinuated that all Drakulie did was hound through the forums all day. i.e. not have a life. This is my impression, that's all.

I don't want to trod on anyone's toes, since I AM new here. I respect Mr. (Coach?) Smith's experience and credentials and find them impressive indeed, but it doesn't make him right on everything. If he presents a case without proper evidence for it, it is vulnerable to criticism in just the same way as if I had done it. Respect to both of them.

I've tried to present objective information from my personal experience regarding the OP's post.

At times, I've included my credentials to a) differenciate myself from others based on experience; b) to hopefully imply that I'm NOT a poser trying to pass myself off as someone whom I'm not. (I notice not too many people are willing to put their real names out there...I am. I don't have anything to hide.) Also, because these are forums that are visited by new people all the time, they may or may not have seen previous posts which may have included this experience.

I have nothing to gain from someone seeing my credentials. They are there for validity and nothing else.

I surely don't have a great deal of free time to visit the boards all that often, hence I only have a few hundred (I think) posts.

And, since many questions are asked over and over by different people, I usually don't offer much advice on strokes as I had years ago when I first visited the site and saw that it was a great place for dialogue.

Unfortunately, I've seen how people seem to attack others, either indirectly or directly. I really have nothing to gain here other than to see what questions are being asked (I do write for different publications), and learn what people are asking or want to know more about. I've seldom mentioned my books or DVD's that are available I don't want to be accused of trying to use these boards to promote them. (I've only mentioned them when someone else brings them up or if I feel that someone might really want to know that they are available.) I've instead mentioned many other books and web sites that I feel offer valuable information.

I have attended USPTA conventions for ten years to learn more from people who have experience and ideas. So, while some of you think I'm out here trying to prove I know everything, I'm still trying to learn from others out there who have different backgrounds and experiences.

Yes, I come from a very competitive area; yes I grew up playing many players who would go on to become very highly world-ranked players; yes, I have coached several world-ranked players and dozens of nationally ranked players, and almost a hundred USTA ranked players.

I mention this not to boast but to share where my experience comes from. It isn't like I'm watching a few players at a club or watching television or YouTube to get my tennis education or where I base my views from. I've read about 100 books on tennis, conversed with world-class pros and try to then share this information the best I can.

If this is offfensive to some of you, then I can't help you. I'm not trying to come off as offensive, but if I am, then I certainly have tried to apologize for this in the past. It is often hard to offer advice here, especially from an educated point of view, and not seem a little like a know-it-all. I try hard not to do this and offer as much objective information as I can. I guess I fail at this at times, according to some.

However, some people still attack and I simply don't have any comeback for this since that's not why I'm here.

I've seen others get attacked and flamed and then they try and do a one-up-manship...something I try to avoid. This is not why I'm here either.

Personally, I would prefer that most people simply just take my advice for what it is, try it if it sounds logical, or don't if it doesn't. It really is as simple as that. I really appreciate the many kind words and appreciation for what I've offered. I've had many express both appreciation as well as share their success from such advice. (That is much more fun for me to read than to try and go back and forth with anyone in a titfortat he-said, she-said commentary!)

If people really don't care for my information, then it is no skin off my teeth to not bother being here at all. It is fun to share with those who understand my intent, but it becomes no fun for me when people start attacking myself or others.

(Has anyone noticed how many posts end up with a complete negative or attacking flavor?)

I'm sure someone will even attack this post. Well, I've tried to explain why I've posted what I've posted. If that isn't good enough, then oh well.

Don't know if I've offered anything to clear the air, but that's the best I can do.
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