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Originally Posted by fantasticfed View Post
what are the Vapors like compared to the CB and 2k10?
The Vapors and 2k10 very similar. Low to the ground and very comfortable. The width is regular, so like I said if you go with the CB's they are narrow so I had to go from a 10 to a 10.5. I wish the soles were longer lasting on the 2k10 and the vapors as my uppers are still in pretty good nick but the soles buggered. Just going to use them for coaching now and my CB's for playing. The CB's are new so not too much to comment but they don't need a long break in like so many other comments I have read on this forum. With all this said, you know everyones feet are different so what may be comfortable for one person maybe very uncomfortable for someone else.
Hope that helped.?
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