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Originally Posted by dennis10is View Post
You have to stop spreading lies to impressionable juniors and beginners. The TW Board experts have concluded that the 1bh is detrimental to your game.

At my club we have implemented the follow rules, aiming to curb the spread of 1bh addiction.

1: 1bh have to pay 50 percent more on all purchases, dues, court and instruction fees.
2: no more than one 1bh is allowed to be in the same court.
3: If a 1bh is playing, they can only play on the back courts so that the juniors will not see them play.
4: we have many programs to help 1bh members to swtich to 2bh.
5: a "don't ask don't tell policy" about how you hit your backhand.
6: Marriage defense act. A 1bh's marriage is not recognized within the confines of the club.
I got a good laugh outta this! I am gonna try to work on a 2HBH before my club implements equivalent policies!
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