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Originally Posted by snark View Post
My grand uncle took up tennis in his mid 40's and became a very competitive player in a few years (that was a long time ago). He was pretty athletic, but nothing more than that. I do not see why a player who is already very solid, could not become much better with proper conditioning and practice. He is not talking about becoming a pro, just getting one ATP point. Commitment, persistence and some luck is all he needs. One potential snag is that proper coaching may be necessary for him to improve beyond a certain point.
You make it sound like one ATP point is an easy feat. I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer but he's not even winning 4.5 tournaments yet. nothing wrong with setting a high goal and working toward it, but let's be realistic here. win 4.5 tournaments first, then open, then national tournaments, then Futures qualies...

It says on the bottom of Talk Tennis main page there are 14,392 active members here. I don't think it's too far off to say there probably are 1500 people better than OP on this site alone.
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