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I finished P90x a month or so back and moved on to Insanity. I miss the weights of P90x. I'm in my 3rd week of Insanity and it is a sweat factory. I fill up a shirt and have sweat pouring off of my body while doing it. It has killed my tennis game but I know it will eventually help it. My legs are just getting used to it and my game is improving but the first two weeks were tough.

This week, I started doing P90x weight workouts in the evening since I'm doing Insanity in the morning. Here is my modification:

Insanity in the am M-F.
M=Chest & Back + Ab Ripper
R=Arms & Shoulders + Ab Ripper
F or Sat=Back

I will do the other workouts at a similar interval when I get to week 5 of P90x and probably skip all P90x workouts during the rest weeks. I just really miss the weight workouts and the muscle mass that I gained by doing these workouts. They (P90x) are so layed back compared to Insanity but they also work very, very good w/ less chance of injury. I will also be skipping all ab workouts associated w/ Insanity as I feel P90x's ab ripper workout is safer as it assures better form w/ less of a chance of my body breaking down because of improper form caused by fatigue.

I should also say that I'm playing tennis in the am on Saturday & Sunday. My background is:
39 years old, 5'9" 170lbs (160 before P90x), distance runner prior to doing these workouts (completed 1/2 marathon at 8min/mile pace in fall), wanted some explosiveness (got it), and now I want a six pack (not yet; better diet should do it!)
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