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Originally Posted by hugobosstachini View Post
BTW let me promote some KvittyPerfection out there...
Promote? I ain't promoting no one unless I get paid or something that's a goddamn profession :>)

I think Petra also suffers the same just like Victoria, they're very hot yet almost no one would them so and yet they are.
IMHO Petra's situation is different from Victoria whose main issue has always been her nose. Petra on the other hand seems to have gotten bulkier lately. I'd rather believe that that's not because she's been partying too much but because of a calculated weight-gain in order to increase upper-body strength and boost groundstroke power. Anyways, Petra's asset (others would likely say her deficit/liability) are those extrinsic eyes. I imagine she could be a perfect female nexus of Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner..

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