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Originally Posted by jerriy View Post
Lots of women look suddenly very good when they are powdered-up and made up and tucked in a happening outfit (or in something scant like a lingerie or a bikini) what makes the real hot ones stand out is that those also look good on the court as well... and even in a horrible outfit.
True but Vika made-up just doesn't do it - she's much prettier on-court or basically natural like on the/her Twitter pics.

Originally Posted by carlitox View Post
Yes, but Kvitova is more consistent in the pictures. Every girl has good and bad pictures, like Wozniacki or even the hottest ones. There are just a few that are good in every picture.

Azarenka is the example of... an eternal debate. Very good and very bad. Had to ask someone that met her before, in real life.
Well yes sometimes Vika can come out awful in pics but I wouldn't put her in the beauty category.

Pictures have a tendency to accentuate the threats (and especially the negative ones) of the person photographed - I think in real Vika is a lot more prettier than some of her pictures would suggest but that body is just marvelous.

In 2009 she would have seemed flat but with all the workout she has done in the gym for her game it has turned out perfect.

"Dans les jeunes femmes, la beauté supplée à l'esprit. Dans les vieilles, l'esprit supplée à la beauté."
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