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i wont be quitting my job anytime soon. im not really trying to go pro, just trying to get one point. id say its around 10000 to 1 odds i can get one this summer, so i dont have my hopes up. maybe next summer when the costa mesa, claremont, and irvine futures roll around again ill have a standing chance of at least getting a few rounds in qualifying if i work hard all year( which i plan on doing). im still going to try this summer just for the experience and fun of playing top notch people.

i was actually reading some of that other 40 yr old guys thread. he sounds pretty delusional. i mean im not going to drop everything and train for 6months in some other country banking that i can make it as a pro. to me, this is just something that can get my competitiveness going and motivate me to play 5days a week.

so here are a few short term goals that i want to achieve first. i already had them i just didnt put them all in my original post. first i need to finally select a string setup. i chose polystar energy 17, but need to decide on a multi or if ima go with a full bed. second win a round or two in an open tourn. next drop the 15 pounds needed to improve stamina and court quickness. next work on backand so as to not alway be defensive with it. next win an open tourn and after that win a few in order to help pay for tennis equip. also during this period i should be able to win the 6.0 ult tennis league. next win a round in a futures qualifier. and after this with a little luck ill should have standing chance at a point.

It might work if you game includes at least one outstanding shot, you're on your way up past 4.5, luck is on your side in the draw, and luck that you're playing well.
But few 4.5's have one 6.5 stroke, much less two. And luck can be a fickle partner, as it often turns AGAINST you when you need or want it the most.
my forehand is my best shot. i ussually like to say i have a 6.0 forhand and a 3.5 backhand and i average out to around 4.5. ( my backhand is better than 3.5, but its just a funny remark i tell ppl) my main goal in all my training is to bring my backhand up to a higher level so it doesnt get attacked all day. once i do this i think i might have a standing chance at some of my goals.
pstgt, BHBR-17@56/54lb's
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