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Originally Posted by yonexpurestorm View Post
my forehand is my best shot. i ussually like to say i have a 6.0 forhand and a 3.5 backhand and i average out to around 4.5. ( my backhand is better than 3.5, but its just a funny remark i tell ppl) my main goal in all my training is to bring my backhand up to a higher level so it doesnt get attacked all day. once i do this i think i might have a standing chance at some of my goals.
Please don't take this the wrong way, but you're going to need a lot more than that. What you think is a strong '6.0' forehand at 4.5 is nothing special at 5.0/5.5. They can hit just as hard as you and play against bigger hitters than you on a regular basis, so no one will be afraid of your forehand. also, even if you improve your backhand, if it is still that much weaker than your forehand you might never get to see a ball hit to your forehand you can hit out on unless you are going for broke. Again, I can't stress it enough that tennis at high levels is not just about ballstriking. Even at 4.5 you can get away with poor point construction and compensate with speed/athelticism, or you can simply outhit or outlast your opponent. The quality of the strokes at 5.0+ is that much greater, not just hitting harder, but the fact that their strokes will also be more consistent and more accurate. Point construction is going to be that much more important.

I know guys who can hit the ball a ton off both sides, which makes them look awesome beating the tar out of 4.0's, but they don't know how to construct points against better players who can stand in there and trade shots with them and know how to execute a strategy. This is how people plateau at a level.

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