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Originally Posted by el sergento View Post
Funny thing Ross, I removed all the lead from my PPro after losing a tight one against an old college teammate. He's 6'4 and pulverizes the ball. I found myself hitting late and loosing too much RHS in tight situations.

After removing the lead, I compensated for slight loss of power by stringing lower and using a powerful multi as a cross string. Now I'm actually hitting bigger than when I had the extra weight in the hoop.

Try moving that weight to 3&9. You'll get more stability but won't take the big SW hit lead in the hoop produces.

I have a feeling the retail PPro is more powerful than the TGK, its stiffer and lighter thus allowing for a faster swing.

Anyway, playing a solid player is never a waste of time, nothing else helps you identify both your strengths and weaknesses with such clarity.
Cheers el.

I've already now taken the retail down to just 2g @ 12... like your stringing advice, specially as I really want to check the hybrid situation... re lead/locations, hmm, not sure, though the one thing I do get with 4g @ 12 is more 'hurt' on the ball - TBH I find the frame a tad demanding in this regard when totally unleaded so, yep, a trade off between pop and maneuverability, for sure...

BTW, re your query yesterday, I am trying to locate full details re TGK specs and will pass them on once I have them.


TBH though, today, afterwards, I was really thinking maybe I should be looking at something a bit lighter, bit bigger head-size and more forgiving, but with excellent control and oomph.

A little bit of a left-field QSN here then but what are your points of view re Prince frames? I'm thinking Exo Tour 100, Exo Black 100, the old Ozone Tour, Speedport type frames, etc.

A few years back now I hit for a while with the Speedport Pro White, a frame I'd describe as playing a bit like a PD but with better feel, control, build, etc. And today, for various reasons, I found myself thinking of this particular racket, and wondering about other Prince offerings (especially the Exo Tour 100.)

Any thoughts appreciated.

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