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I personally don't think any lead is needed on a prestige pro. Of course I was hitting with a lot of 4.5 level players and some 5.0s and I needed to keep things around 12 ozs max.

You should be able to punish the ball if you have good footwork and technique. That is what gets you the best results with a prestige. I usually made my mids a little lighter at around 11.9 and they hit super heavy.

ross you can't give up on the racquet just because you get wrecked by a far better player. It wouldnt matter what you use. Seems like everytime you don't play well you switch sticks. It's not the stick. I'd stay with the PP to be honest. It's awesome and has that feel you like. You will get better and better and learn more about your game. You can be a great player with the prestige pro if you focus on the techniques.

Now that being said if you just want to try out a ton of sticks, by all means do it, but it seems like you are getting bummed out when you lose.

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