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Ross the Prince black is a PD esque stick with its own weird grommet noise. But it has less vibration. Great serving stick. The 03 white is a plush stick. Beware the ports. I like them but it's not for everyone. Huge spin from this frame. Also very comfortable. The tours are too spongy. I bet the prostocks are like 65 flex.

There is something about tweeners that can let you scratch it out a little better against better players. If I was playing the usual 4.0 fetcher, I'd much rather have my Fed stick because I know I can boss every point.

But...against the younger big serving dudes who hit big and in higher level dubs, I feel I can get to a higher standard of play with the extreme/bab style stick. Serves, returns, forgiveness. Just gotta win those points man, ha ha.

It's fun both ways, I kind of like playing with a better class of player, it focuses the intensity a little more and I feel I'm improving. Maybe lose and lose big but learn more.

I like my Fed sticks but I'm kind of feeling my tweeners too. It's such a hard call. One day I'll find that peaceful place...
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