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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post

Official review:

Forehand was like a 6/10. I could shape it really well but I will need some more time to deal with it. No pierce on my ball. Felt like I had no control on drives.
Throw some lead in the butt and under the bumper and this shot is transformed. I had a big problem switching to this stick last summer from the ytpp: my FH was gutless.

The weight makes all the difference. I'm at stock balance 33cm with 10g added: I'm 333g strung and it's just about perfect.

I'm still toying with the idea of doing the same thing to a pdgt std length. I liked my pdr but my shoulder didn't

The pd is bit more flexy than the A rod version, now I just need to find a used one in a 1/4 grip
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