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This chimes with me, especially after yesterday's trauma!
There is something about tweeners that can let you scratch it out a little better against better players. If I was playing the usual 4.0 fetcher, I'd much rather have my Fed stick because I know I can boss every point.

But...against the younger big serving dudes who hit big and in higher level dubs, I feel I can get to a higher standard of play with the extreme/bab style stick. Serves, returns, forgiveness. Just gotta win those points man, ha ha.
Also, thx for Prince low-down.


Cheers re this:
When I first got my TGK PPs I removed 15grams of lead from under the CAPs from about the 10 to 2 position as I felt it was too unweildy. Slowly but surely I've got the 15grams back at the same position (someone at head knows what works) and added 6grams to the butt. All this plus the standard silicone in the handle my sticks weigh in at 352grams and still head light.
I do think I need to lose some lead off my tip/12 o'clock... need to order some new caps now.


Obviously a bit of an over-reaction from me yesterday, but, yes, nothing like a total humiliating drubbing to suddenly make you think about bigger head-sizes > lighter and more maneuverable frames > high-end tweenerish > Prince rackets (which aside from the Reb I kind of know zero about) etc.

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