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Originally Posted by Tennisguy777 View Post
You can do it nothing is impossible, it but you will need to pay a heavy price!Waking up at 5 am to play tennis and playing tennis for 3-4 hrs a day you can do it.

practice 5-7 days a week about 21 hrs a week.
you'll need to practice / improve every aspect of your game.
volley, serve, forehand, backhand, slice, also need to improve your power and reaction time. Speed you usually can't teach it or acquire it, it's natural.

I tried a similar experiment in late 2008 I went from a very strong 3.0 / 3.5 to a good 4.5 player in less than 2 months but unfortunately the toll it took on my body was too much and I stopped, also moving away didn't help either. I still play at the 4.0 - 4.5 level but now use a 2 hander and if I had the same opportunity as before I think I could reach my goal of being a decent 5.5 with my 2 hander.

All of my tennis videos on the tube were taken within a matter of days to 6 weeks and you can definitely see an improvement so you can improve just will take time.

Also coaching is a must as my biggest problem was taming my one handed backhand which plagued me for many years and stagnated my progress.

I now play off and on in clay and recently forced a 3rd set against a former 6.0 who now coaches, who was ranked top 10 in his state about 20 years back. It's tough but with hard work and a little luck 1 point should be no problem.
No offense but your example is what ends up happening to most people who try this experiment. After 3 years you are at a 4.0-4.5 level. You are even further away from an ATP point than the OP. What in your experience makes you think that getting an ATP is no problem? If he became a strong 5.0 that would be pretty damn good. But a strong 5.0 is nowhere close to getting ATP point.
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