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Is the OP asking for any kind of help or is the OP merely attempting to make his goal known with hopes that it would help the OP achieve it by "having it on paper"? I think it is the latter. Then again if you read stuff into it, the post could easily be misconstrued as a solicitation for encouragement or advise which would be tough to get from forums specially with such a lofty goal.

To the OP, go for it if you want to. Don't let anyone derail your plans. There are a lot of people with regrets about what might have been. Most of the time the regrets come from not trying or allowing other people to dissuade them from their dream. You will never know if you could have gotten an ATP if you don't try. If you end up not getting a point at least you can say you tried. Then you will have no regrets nor will you wonder if you could have done it.
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