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Great stuff. I been ding P90x for 1 year now and love the results. I worked out for 25 yr and never got it right until P90x.

I do everything except for the back & biceps (no pull-ups or chair dips since those really hurt my shoulders & had to see a doc).
After cutting those two out, I am back at 110% & leaner. a six pack & I always ate healthy so diet was not modified much. Just eating smart.

6, 1 3/4 inch
205 (was 215), trying to get back to 195-ish

Monday - Core Synergistics + Abs Ripper X
Tuesday - Plyometrics
Wednesday - Shoulders & Arms + Abs Ripper X
Thursday - Yoga X (or Tennis)
Friday - Legs + Abs Ripper X (or Tennis)
Saturday - Tennis and/or Cardio X
Sunday - Tennis

I hated Yoga but now I look forward to it since the type he does actually sculpts your body.
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