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Originally Posted by pudelko View Post
I also started with P90X, never got through the whole 90 days, but did restart multiple times. I usually got 1 month in and started to lose interest.

Then I discovered Insanity. It is a lot harder. I actually have to push myself extremely hard through most of it. Just like with P90X I started skipping. The first time I made it to day 40 (out of 63) And now Im 2 weeks into my second attempt to make it through the full course.

I went back and tried some P90X after and it was way too boring and easy. I couldnt wait for the pace to increase. It seemed like everything was being done too casually in P90X after I had experienced Insanity.

So I guess what Im trying to say is: If P90X gets boring, definitely try Insanity to get even more out of your workouts!

If P90X is too easy, all you have to do is up the weights you use (except on the non-weight programs).

After a few weeks of Insanity, I can do the whole program just fine, but I find singles tennis matches much harder. Maybe I run too fast for my own good.

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