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Originally Posted by Nojoke View Post
when I do insanity and have a tennis match, I do the cardio recovery on the morning of my match. Helps gets my legs loose from all the hard workouts and keeps my fresh for the evening match.
That's a good idea, as that's a great little workout that still gets you going just enough without cooking you. I will admit that I LOVE how free and loose Insanity workouts make me feel for my tennis if I do them before I hit the courts; I'm a notorious slow starter and I play so much better early on when I have an Insanity workout behind me. But then if I end up getting into a third set, that's where the legs start to go.

Guess it's always about finding just the right balance, but all in all, I just love Insanity. My legs, once a weakness that led to some knee injuries here and there, are becoming a strength.
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