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Okay. I've been down. As a paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission, I've been dealt some heavy blows (especially yesterday's massacre.) But I played straight away again this morning, and late this afternoon I had a long practice session. The lead has all come off. I've been getting to know the Pres Pro stock and unmodified. I'm trying to close my mind to thoughts of other frames. I need to tap into the source of the magic. I need to connect with the frame. I need to wield it with abandon. Like a Na'Vi warrior. Like Power Player. Or PED. Or the one they call Fed. And the one known as Gads. You know, I dream of running, running and bounding and leaping with this frame. I admit that I am becoming increasingly torn between following my racketaholic ways and embracing the natural order and following what my beloved PP is whispering into my ears. Time to return to my PP and Neytiri who clutches her thus.

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