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Ross, you're a poet. Another golden post.

Ry, got the Ace in the mail today -- the Tornado set and the fresh grip is very much appreciated, and I can see how Tornado will look absolutely sick inside of the Platinum frame. Will give that a go next week, following my match with the Platty tomorrow. Could you imagine that string in the Platinum.. with that Solinco dry overgrip that I've seen (but have no idea how to get)??

The one in this thread:


Played a quick two sets today to get tuned up for a league match tomorrow. Split the first set duties between the BC20 and the Ace Mid and then went with the Plat for the entire second set to get fully prepped for tomorrow. All three of these frames are so positively goaty in their own ways, I feel lucky to own each of them.

Then I came home to two racquet boxes: one with the Ace I'd lent out and the other with the Blue 99 I traded for. That'll be yet another interesting wild card of a frame to throw into the mix next week. (I'm on a bit of a racquetholic bender at the moment)

PP, how's the wrist? You hit yet? Pulling for you, bro. And I'll probably be putting the Ace 98 up for sale at the start of next week so email me if interested, otherwise I'll assume you're good.

To all a happy hitting weekend....
Carpe diem.
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