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el sergento,

Re TGK specs query:

I've done some digging around because I've been a bit in the dark myself TBH.

Well, all I can really say is... and this is from other peoples experiences too... they are weighted from 249-253, with a balance around 379 mm, but thats the hair pin without lead and sillicone. I think its without the grommets and pallets too. A few others have affirmed they got theirs with the same specs as retail and yet it swings different, a slightly heavier SW. One thing I certainly agree on is the flex seems a bit softer on the TGK than retail PP - one TT member had his on an RDC machine and it said 63 RA (retail of course being in the 66 RA region.)

Re my TGK PP, I intend to remove the lead. Yesterday I ended up taking off all the lead on my retail PP @ 12 and I enjoyed spending a day with it really grooving and working my stroking my strokes. Two days ago, I got annihilated by an excellent player and among the lessons I took from my thrashing was I'm simply playing these frames with too much lead on the tip. So, I've had it with a static weight of 344g and a balance of 32.3cm (this does include overgrip and strung with poly) for months. My retail was at a very similar weight/balance minus a gram or 2 less @ 12. However, I think because the starting point for the frames are very different even though the static weight and swing weight are pretty similar, the weight distribution is a bit different. Furthermore, the silicone in the handle makes it feel different. More muted. The layup is different. The stringbed somehow feels/performs more uniformly. Etc. So, I don't know... could you say only the mould is the same?

Annnnyhow, as I said, I'm now looking at no lead on the retail PP and I intend to do similar with the TGK. I may add it back in future, but we'll see. I learnt this week that despite the additional 'hurt' you can get with lead @ 12, for me, it's simply not worth the extra weight. Trust me, against this 5 level player, I was made to feel every gram.

Sorry if some of that's that slightly confusing, el (I'm not a natural when it comes to specs geekery), and there does seem to be some conflicting opinions and indeed a general lack of definite checkable facts or data re these TGKs.

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