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Default Gosen Polymaster I & II

Had a packet of polymaster 1 sitting in the string bag for some time. I bought it along with a number of other strings in a package deal from a friend.

It has sat in the bag mainly because it looked like the bog standard rubbish you get with some pre trung rackets. Iwas running low of my normal string Solinco Tour Bite so I was looking for something to go in one of my rackets incase I needed it for a match.

Gosen polymaster 1&2 (also more spin frienly powermaster and softer compositemaster) are flat rectangular co-poly strings. On the thin side their gauge is around 1mm and the thick side its up to 1.46mm. Supposedly this flat shape gets more dwell time on the ball and more spin. It interests me that thicker strings are more control orientated and the fact that I have an open pattern, western grips and generate good topspin, that this could be a good blend.

When i took it out of the pack it seemed rather elastic so I strung it slightly tigher than normal @ 60lbs. In the morning it felt like it may have lost a little tension but it may be that this co poly has a little elastic give when depressed. I had a little hit against the wall and tbh it didnt feel anything special so I didnt hold out any hopes.

Day of match practise I pulled it out of the bad and thought I'll have a little knock before the big boys get here and to my surprise from the very first hit it felt lovely (I suppose Ive got to make comparisons against my normal string Tour Bite and the fact that I like polys, generally stiffer the better. Played Alu for a long time and have tried a load of strings and cant get along with the softer polys in general).

Describing a string is hard but it felt smooth, not in construction but slightly buttery, muted (which I like), it sounds silly but I used to play x1 in a Rebel and the feel was not unlike that (this could also be a factor of my racket and ra of 49). Tour Bite has a lovely grab to your hot that makes you feel like you have lots of dwell time and control. This doesnt have that grab feel but it did generate the spin I normally get, no better, no worse. What I did find was I had a different trajectory, with TB its grips and loops up, here with PM1 it seemed to dwell then shoot off the strings slightly lower and give me a more penetrating ball, sometimes TB can sit up on you and to players who like that it can be meat and drink for them. It was giving me a little easier depth and when i was hitting out the spin would bring it in for me, angles also were great, something TB is exceptional at.

Overall in the control and spin dept. it matched up well with TB. Power was similar it just felt on groundsrokes I got a little more pop because it felt a little flatter. It wasnt, it was just the nature of how the ball came off the strings.

During a few sets I felt really comfortable with this string, I wasnt scared it was going out on me, nor was I afraid to play my shots. This is important, everyone knows when they get something in the racket they dont like their game can start to go to pot, pulling out of shots etc.....
Where this string imressed me most was volleying and touch, drops etc. For a poly it simply excells. Now feel is a subjective thing and on a personal level i like the deadened feel of a poly. My volleys were more pentrating. I can have the problem of putting a volley away and often find Im getting it back in play when it should be point over. Here tho they were going away, I felt really good at the net.
Touch was fantastic, midweek I had a game of singles against my doubles partner whos 6'6 big serving lefty and it was a couple of good serving sets. But I was volleying and drop shotting for fun, mixed up with a more penetrating fh and came thro pretty comfortably to win.

My third session (4-6hr mark) was a league match, won one, lost one on a windy evening..... but the string held up well and was still going strong. Imo little tension loss from the first session.

I am atm in the process of trying to buy a reel but having a few problems, Ive got contacts in Germany but they have not answered my questions. One outlet has the reels for sale but there is no prices anywhere!!....if anyone can help in EU it would be most appreciated.

Here is a link to Gosen EU and their flat string selection
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