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Originally Posted by Nojoke View Post
when I do insanity and have a tennis match, I do the cardio recovery on the morning of my match. Helps gets my legs loose from all the hard workouts and keeps my fresh for the evening match.
Exactly the same thing I do!

I also agree w/ the rest day post! I try even though I'm doubling up on certain workouts. Right now, I'm only doing Insanity M-F. I play a league tennis match on Wednesday nights so I've talked the people I workout with to flip/flop Wednesday & Thrursday workouts so we are doing the recovery day on Wednesday. I learned the first week that going hard in the morning wasn't a good idea. I got cramps in my legs at the end of set 1 in a 90 degree/80% humdity day of a 3 set match. It wasn't pretty. Technically, I won but it wasn't worth it!

This week, I did the Cardio Recovery (7:30am) workout took a shower, played two sets (11am), and then played my match (6pm) w/o any problems. My 11am opponent pushed me harder than my 6pm opponent did and it still wasn't a good idea to do that much. My tennis suffered but I said "screw it! I'm gonna give it a try. What's the worst thing that couldd happen to me?"

I've already suffered from most overuse injuries in my life. I've had plantar fasciatis and survived/recovered; no orthotics for the fist time in 4 years!. I've had ITBS and recovered. Right now, my right hip is sore. I'll probably suck it up and take an ice bath and roll all of the soft tissue that I can to get that deep massage.
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