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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I saw Mikeler switched to a racquet that is easier on his joints. The PK Kinetic Pro 7g.

Thing is supposed to be great on your arm and hits big. Anybody ever use it here?
I tried it once and loved it. Huge serves and two-handed backhands, fantastic feel. Got jammed a bit on the forehand with the extra length, though; I always wondered if it could be something I'd get used to and corral, but never had it in me to go for that long test to find out. Hits very solid, driving balls through the court.

Because the 7G felt so great and hit a very solid ball (racquet is stiff while being very comfy and you feel very connected to the ball), I've always wanted to try the standard length 5G but the only way to do so is to buy.

So yeah, one of the better options out there, in my opinion, even if it's very under the radar. Same story for just about all of Pro Kennex, I guess.

Oh, and the 'beads' within the frame that rattle around - a little weird and annoying when casually wielding the frame, but I don't remember being bothered by it during play. On the plus side, you can join a Mariachi band and use the racquet instead of maracas.
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