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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
el sergento,
Trust me, against this 5 level player, I was made to feel every gram.
Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. When playing better players I always feel like I'm late on the ball, and I, like you, thought I have to remove the lead so I can get my racket there quicker. And I did. Then I go back to playing the "normal" bunch and I find that I cant get that pace and 'put away' plow on the ball and so the lead goes back on.

Now I've been using the 15grams at 12 and 6 on the butt cap I know I have to prepare better, be quick and generally concentrate more. All these things are essential to good tennis - and right now I'm playing pretty good.

I found the TGK without lead more demanding too, had to take big swipes at the ball.
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