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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
hahaha..thats awesome. Just need to know some good PK options in case I get more wrist flair up. I havent been able to play yet due to weather.

I know Mikeler plays a ton of tennis, and has good tatse in sticks, so I was interested when I saw his post. It sucks when you get hurt, you start thinking different about racquets..strings..etc.
Yeah, to be frank, may have liked the 7G more than the Ace 98, but it's been so long. To me the Ace Mid is still on the top level, though, as far as PK goes. But the 7G could easily be a frame I revisit someday, and if I ever got offered that or a 5G in a trade, I'd probably bite to experiment. The feel was fantastic.

But good news is, I've personally had no flare ups with elbow or anything else from playing with the Plat 94, so to me, at least so far, it seems like a safe stick in spite of some of those scary findings from some others.
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