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I, too, have only ever heard highly positive comments re the PK Kinnetic Pro 7G and that series.

Tornado eh?... do post up your thoughts on this. I liked it a lot previously but was a bit underwhelmed when I tried it again in my Pres Pro last week. It was a tad stiffer than I recalled it being, though maybe that's the frame? I don't know, it was good, but, I don't know, unyielding somehow. Like a few woman I used to know... Do post your views on this string though... and btw, I'm looking again at the similarish Hyperion in my PP as I really liked this string previously. Am I going to be underwhelmed again, I wonder?


Wait until you get what many perceive to be the greatest thing about the APD sorted out, in other words, your groundstrokes! You'll be in business then for sure. Have you gone down the lead route yet? I actually always found the APDs devilishly hard to mod just right. That said, I'd ended up with 6g in butt and about 3g @ 12 a month or so ago and that kind of felt just about right with full poly strung low.


Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. When playing better players I always feel like I'm late on the ball, and I, like you, thought I have to remove the lead so I can get my racket there quicker. And I did. Then I go back to playing the "normal" bunch and I find that I cant get that pace and 'put away' plow on the ball and so the lead goes back on.

Now I've been using the 15grams at 12 and 6 on the butt cap I know I have to prepare better, be quick and generally concentrate more. All these things are essential to good tennis - and right now I'm playing pretty good.

I found the TGK without lead more demanding too, had to take big swipes at the ball.
Ha, exactly! It seems we have had the same thoughts and experiences here... although I presently cannot imagine 15g @ 12! I've found 4g too much - LOL! Anyhow, that aside, it does have such a superb solidness, and thumping, clean way of hitting and speed in coming through the ball (minus too much lead @ 12), I suppose you just have to, as George Michael used to be prone to exclaiming prior to nodding out drugged out of his mind behind the wheel of a car - have faith!

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