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Re the Tornado bit...

I can see where you might not have liked it in the PPro retail. It does have that slightly stiffer RA and Tornado is a stiffer string. That's already a very crispy frame and adding that string might not have been the best move. I'm working through this whole lower tension adjustment but I have the feeling that upper 40s range is just about perfect for this string. In terms of performance and durability, it's one of the best that I have played with.

However, you mention the Hyperion. I recall when these strings first came out that people were talking about the Hyperion/Tornado hybrid and raving about it. I posted in the strings section asking about it but got no responses. I think that this could be the key for you as, IIRC, hyperion was slightly softer. So you get all the benefits of tornado with the softened hyperion feel.
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