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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post
I had a great week with some babs out here. Seriously considering going that route...The only thing is that my groundies are garbage. But my serves and volleys are super good. APD slice and approach is out of this world.

I tried the PDR standard and the APDGT (aka the Lovitz).
I like the APD better around the court but the PDR serving is sort of incredible. I could pop my first serve flat out wide with crazy consistency. Again though my groundies were just awful. I play a lot of doubles though so it's doesn't show as much.

I must contemplate this further.
So Fed I think we have a similar game like the player power rkts and serve sets up the game, also playing more dubs now. So I know you were a Head Youtex Extreme Pro user, Your thoughts on this rkt vs the ones you just recently demoed ie. the PDR standard and AP and were both these the non GT versions.
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