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Originally Posted by TennisMD View Post
So Fed I think we have a similar game like the player power rkts and serve sets up the game, also playing more dubs now. So I know you were a Head Youtex Extreme Pro user, Your thoughts on this rkt vs the ones you just recently demoed ie. the PDR standard and AP and were both these the non GT versions.
Hola MD, I've been a bit schizo lately and I think I know why...summers here and I'm getting to hit with so many good players but there's two radically different groups.

On one hand there's the 14-15 year old juniors that want to play singles...on the other there's a group of 4.5 dubs guys who are about ten years older than me (I'm 33).

So...when I play singles I'm the slowest guy out there hitting the biggest ball and when I play dubs I'm the fastest guy hitting the weakest ball.

The juniors love being fed topspin and they like to move laterally. I need my heavy wilson to smother their topspin and hit through them. The tweener is just useless and I end up in a footrace with a teenage jackrabbit.

The old guys hate being fed topspin and hate moving laterally. Love the tweeners for opening up the court with high bounces and mooning to their one handers...

As you can see I'm kind of torn...

Re: your yt extreme pro question: (BTW did you see ljubicic's returns against Murray??? He hit a 100 mph+ 1hbh block return winner...ssssick)

I've been trying the aero gt and the pdr gt standard. Neither one has the super solid feel of the yt extreme pro, but they are both more forgiving.
The extreme is comparable to the roddick, but I think the extreme vibrates less and is a little more demanding. The extreme is better for flattening out winners. The Roddick is easier to serve with. I was holding serve the other day with this frame in like 40 seconds flat. Makes the game so much easier.

As you probably know the extreme is an unreal rac on returns. Volleys also super crisp. What I like about the babs is they seem a little more aerodynamic, a little bit more manueverable. Small difference but it's there.

The gripshape. I hate the head gripshape. I tape mine up so it doesn't bother me, but then again I pick up a wilson and I feel like I'm shaking hands with God...The bab is much closer to wilson.

The grommets. The woofer thing is just weird. You gotta adjust. Extreme much more direct feeling on contact. But the woof I think is what is jet propelling these serves...

All of this brings me to the APDgt (jon lovitz signature model)...this one has a little more feel than the Roddick and was sublime in improvisational dubs situations. It's too light but just a little. Banging from the backcourt was an exercise in fluff balls. PED and Ross have some ideas how to mod it up. I think just a tad more beef would be nice. Maybe just a leather grip and a gram or two.

Strangely, I loved this rafa stick for S and V. It served almost as well as the roddick, but the approaches and volleys felt much better. I also hit the greatest shot of my life with this thing this week and I cant stop thinking about it...It was like a parallel to the net 1 hander cc that kicked straight into the side fence...woooo!

In summary, I think the Roddick is kind of a better serving but less feel/power/touch than the extreme. Also the Roddick is stiff in a way that kind of microwaves the arm.

The APDgt is secretly a great all court stick but it's weak in stock needs a little weight but I'm not sure how to do it...could be an endless modding disaster, whereas the extreme is almost GOAT in stock form. Remember Ljubo grew up using PDs so these racs are pretty similar.
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