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BHBR 17 / WhisperTouch Pro

Stringing: The only real reason why I decided to do this is that I had an extra half set of WT Pro leftover, and I wanted to try BHBR at a lower tension than before. IIRC, this is 8lbs lower than my previous test, and if not, it's at least 5lbs. I never played BHBR below 52. Also strung at 47/50.

The change in tension here made no difference whatsoever. This is still a superb string setup. There isn't any extra power or spin due to the lower tension, and the feel at contact is identical. The only difference is that this uses uncoated WhisperTouch whereas before I reviewed it as normal. The crosses are getting shredded more quickly, but honestly, you don't get much time out of 1.20mm gut crosses with a main string like BHBR anyway. So instead of detailing what I've already done, for those of you just joining us, linked below is the original review of this setup at a slightly higher tension. I took off 0.25 from the overall simply due to the lower durability, but otherwise, it's the same.

Overall: 9.25/10

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