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Originally Posted by Fed Kennedy View Post

The APDgt is secretly a great all court stick but it's weak in stock needs a little weight but I'm not sure how to do it...could be an endless modding disaster, whereas the extreme is almost GOAT in stock form. Remember Ljubo grew up using PDs so these racs are pretty similar.
Get the APD or the Extreme they’re both good racquets. They both share a similar characteristic. They’re big, light and stiff. They play amazing with a low tension soft poly. This balances out the stiffness of the frame, helps ball pocketing and makes up for the lighter weight. Hits a nice heavy shot. On the other hand you have the option of leading it up, adding a leather grip and upping the tension on your strings. Either way you have versatility in both frames. Ljub used the PD then him and Youzhny both switched to the actual Extreme so you know they’re both solid frames and you can’t go wrong picking one or the other.
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