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Fed, pretty spot on with what I thought about the APD from trying it out way back. I always thought the serves were great, better than advertised. Also remember being able to drop shot with amazing precision, which surprised me as well. Btw, you were all over the PST GT and still talk about it in a goaty way -- what in particular made you not go with it yourself?

Oh, and small side note: that 100 mph return winner from Ljub was unbelievable. I was really sad that that match didn't end up going into a fifth set, because it would have been a dandy: Ljub's smarts/experience vs Murray's physicality.

On this end, two freshly strung Donnays are now ready to dance. You wanna see two gorgeous looking frames? Slap a black Wilson Pro Hybrid grip onto the Donnay Plat and put in a Tornado stringjob, yikes. Did the same grip switch with the Blue but strung it up with the BHBR MurrayFan kindly included in our trade.

Will put the Donnays up to a big task tomorrow night: hitting with a 5.0/maybe-even-5.5 guy. I'll probably get wiped off the court, but at least my frames will look good.
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