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Originally Posted by JGads View Post
Yeah, to be frank, may have liked the 7G more than the Ace 98, but it's been so long. To me the Ace Mid is still on the top level, though, as far as PK goes. But the 7G could easily be a frame I revisit someday, and if I ever got offered that or a 5G in a trade, I'd probably bite to experiment. The feel was fantastic.

But good news is, I've personally had no flare ups with elbow or anything else from playing with the Plat 94, so to me, at least so far, it seems like a safe stick in spite of some of those scary findings from some others.
I bough the BA98 in order to be able to keep playing with a ECU tendinitis-ed wrist... yes stupid of me to gamble ... but it totally worked! My wrist is almost 100% now, can play with 350g tgk or hit around with APD with no problem. This stick is serious heaven for your wrist. On top of that, prestige like control in a very swingable package.

However you can probably figure out the minus of a control stick with no heft... your game has to be based around precision because your shots will lose the bite and penetration. That's why I took a really close look at the 7g and would've bought one had it not been for an expired credit card LOL.
So just a little ramble for your consideration...
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