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Originally Posted by Tennis_Maestro View Post
Thanks for getting my betting thread deleted.

Stuck your beak where it didn't belong, the Admin got scared after you audacious claims, nothing would have happened, these are personal opinions shared on a forum, be it a tennis forum. Many forums do this and some are United States based. Being US or not is regardless, its the World Wide Web.

I've seen many American Football tipping going on, ON United States company sites.
Don't see how I could have gotten your betting thread deleted when I couldn't be bothered to go look for it to report it. You're the one who brought it up and called attention to it.
However, I am completely against sports betting so I'm glad it got deleted.

I'm not familiar with football nor it's websites, so perhaps I am ill-informed there myself. Moreover, just because something is on the internet doesn't mean it gets a free pass. Sports betting online is illegal in the U.S. If a site is based here then it can be shutdown by the feds for sports betting. It's also illegal for U.S. banks to process online sports bets.


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