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Originally Posted by SFrazeur View Post
Don't see how I could have gotten your betting thread deleted when I couldn't be bothered to go look for it to report it. You're the one who brought it up and called attention to it.
However, I am completely against sports betting so I'm glad it got deleted.

I'm not familiar with football nor it's websites, so perhaps I am ill-informed there myself. Moreover, just because something is on the internet doesn't mean it gets a free pass. Sports betting online is illegal in the U.S. If a site is based here then it can be shutdown by the feds for sports betting. It's also illegal for U.S. banks to process online sports bets.

You are ill-informed, that means ignorant really doesn't it?

You are against it and are glad it got shut down, could you get any more open minded and self centered? How can you be AGAINST something such as gambling anyway its not immoral, your just going with your countries norm on sports gambling I feel. If you were brought up in the UK, your feelings would be different. Glad they shut it down, HA, get a life.
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