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Originally Posted by Tennis_Maestro View Post
You are ill-informed, that means ignorant really doesn't it?

You are against it and are glad it got shut down, could you get any more open minded and self centered? How can you be AGAINST something such as gambling anyway its not immoral, your just going with your countries norm on sports gambling I feel. If you were brought up in the UK, your feelings would be different. Glad they shut it down, HA, get a life.
You do realize that the same could be said for you right?

I didn't say I was against gambling in general. I'm against sports betting.
The lottery is a great way to bring in state revenue. As well, If someone wants to go to a casino and bet on a game of chance I have no problem with that. Outside of sports I do not care.

And yes. You are ignorant, lacking knowledge of U.S. Federal law concerning online gambling. Just as I'm ignorant, complete lack of knowledge, of UK law concerning online gambling/sports betting.

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