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Originally Posted by tennis34 View Post
Dak 95,
how did you recover from plantar fasciatis? I got it over a year ago, and it got really bad. I tried everything (night splints, shoes inserts)...but what really helped was stretching of the calf. Once I started doing P90X Yoga, the pain in the mornings went down from 8/10 to 2/10. Some mornings I don't even notice it.

I had the night splints, cortisone shots, etc. and they didn't work. I did get custom orthotics which definitely helped relieve the pain. I can't emphasize the fact of custom over the stuff purchased off of the shelf. They're not even close! I got my custom from a chiropracter for my co-pay and also received a massage from the therapist. My appointments went like this: fitted for custom orthotics, back adjustment, 30 minute massage. I could do w/o the back adjustment!

I'd agree w/ you that the YOGA X really helps! Do the stretch I commented about that the guy found on Youtube. Pull hard at your toes and hold! You'll be 100% in no time. I don't wear orthotics any longer. I first got PF as a result of improper stretching afterrunning and training for a marathon. I didn't even know what it was until it came back and then didn't go away.....for close to 5 years!

Time to do chest & back!
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