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I don't have a copy of the players guide for this year yet (I was so sure I was going to win one during the first season of fantasy tennis, lol).

Can anyone list out the top ten lists for various service stats from 2003?

Either I haven't looked hard enough for such lists online, or am too lazy to pick out various players to do a harsh scan... but here are some tidbits from Roddick's 2003 Year in Review:

-Led ATP (#1) in 4 of 6 Service Categories
*Aces - 989
*1st Serve Pts Won - 81%
*Service Games Won - 91%
*Break Points Saved - 69%

-#2 (tied with another #2) in 2nd Serve Pts Won - 59%

-The wording was weird here but "played and won most tie-breaks" 36-21.

Of course this is 2003. And this is comparing Roddick to the ATP field, not matchup numbers, so there are returners who have his number.

But I doubt these numbers imply that his serve sucks. It does imply that in 2003, it owned most of the field (not necessarily all of the field).


PS a quick update. Checked Federer's profile and here are some quick little details from 2003:
-#2 in service games won (87%)
-#2 in 2nd serve games won (59%)
-#2 in points won returning 2nd serves (56%)
-#3 in aces (690)
-#5 in break points saved (66%)
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