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Originally Posted by dak95_00 View Post

I popped in a max video just to see the length. It appears to be an additional 20 minutes which means twice the series? Is that about it? I'm not looking forward to it.

I'm in week 4 but we keep skipping the Saturday workouts. Next week, instead of doing the recovery week we are going to do the Saturdays in its place. Then I am going on vacation so that'll be my off week.

I don't know if I could do twice the workout right now either physically or mentally. I'll report back in a few weeks. We've talked about just repeating the first 4 weeks as some of my workout partners are pressed for time.
Actually was talking more about the intensity of the workout. It kicks up hugely, at times to an almost comical level. Though that first Monday that I posted that previous comment it was in fact double the workout, because on that Monday they ask that you do both the Fit Test, which is a full workout in and of itself, along with the Max Interval Circuit, which is just out of control. I'm now three days into these new workouts and each day has been pretty much the same -- far more intense workouts that I just can't keep up with fully (have to take a break toward the tail end of a few of the workouts), though I'm at about 90 percent of what they're doing so I'm still pushing through. I hope to be more like 95 percent by the second week of the crazy stuff.

By the way, started the Shakeology shake once a day in addition to the post-workout protein shake and I can say that the Shakeology stuff is pretty great. I really do notice a difference in my energy level; not quite as wiped out as I was beforehand. Basically, the second month there is no messing around. I think the only way to really do it effectively is to do the five meals a day and supplement where you can to keep the energy levels high enough. Especially if you're mixing in tennis, which I'm doing 3-5 times per week.

Anyway, it's really tough but that's what I was hoping for.
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