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Darn it JGads!

I had myself talked out of doing the 2nd month and just repeating the first month again. Now, I feel I need to try the 2nd month.

BTW, how old are you? I'm in week 4 and I feel drained. Last week, I felt great. I think I'm just going to have up and down weeks of energy levels. I realy struggled today w/ the Plyometric workout. I'm drained. On a side note, I played great tennis last night and beat a guy who beat me a couple of weeks ago 6-2, 6-1. Last night, it was 6-3, 3-0 and he quit after I ran off 6 straight games. I was hitting the ball so hard on both wings and on my serve that he felt he had to go for winners to just to get a point. It wasn't working out for him; a former college player 13 years younger than me!
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