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Re: Shakeology, I have the chocolate flavor. I like it. It's not as good as the chocolate protein powder I have and certainly isn't like chocolate milk or a milkshake - not THAT kind of good - but it's not bad at all. I hear the green berry one they have is a flavor a lot of people do not like.

Dak: feeling drained at times is just something that happens with this kind of intensity, I think, but the nutritious and vitamin supplements are very, very helpful. I'm now doing the Shakeology once a day, a protein shake/banana after the workout to recover and then three balanced meals the rest of the day, maybe a fourth if it's small. Aside from the Shakeology, I also take this Ultra Greens Mens supplement I got from GNC once a day. Key is to mix in many grains and to not be afraid of carbs. With tennis and Insanity, they're a must. So I'm making myself chicken wraps in a wheat tortilla, some whole grain wheat pasta, those kinds of things, along with bananas to keep me from cramping when I hit the tennis court. ... And I'm 30... Oh yeah, and I definitely felt the most drained at that fourth week, like you're now at, which is when I started really focusing on good diet. Not a fanatic about it, just careful and making that extra effort to eat the five smaller meals throughout, and mixing in the shakes/supplements. Another thing: that "recovery week" video (core cardio and balance, I believe it's called) is a fantastic workout to bridge the first and second months. A full week of it, along with the new diet, rejuvenated me a bit.

Three weeks and change to go...
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